Early History of Orissa – The Eastern Gangas

The earliest known Ganga king of Kalinga was Indravarman I whose capital was located at Dantapura. He is said to have defeated the Vishnukandin king Indrabhattaraka. He was the first great ruler of the Ganga dynasty and started the Ganga era. His Jirajingi copper plate grant was issued in Ganga year 39, i.e. 537 A.D. The next king was Samantavarman whose grant is dated in the year 64 (562 A. D.). Like his predecessor Samantavarman assumed the title of Trikalingadhipati. He was succeeded by king Hastivarman who claims to have defeated his enemies in many battles and declared himself the Lord of all Kalingas (Sakala Kalinga). Hastivarman transferred his capital from Dantapura to Kalinganagar. He was succeeded by his son Indravarman II and the latter was succeeded by Indravarmanan III who is known to be a powerful ruler. He claims to have acquired proficiency in various sciences and arts. The next king was Devendravarman who had mantradikshya from Patangashivacharya who was learned in Veda, Vedanga, Itihasa and Puranas. He greatly patronized Brahminical religion and culture. He was succeeded by his son Hemantavarman I after whom his two sons Nandavarman and Devendravarman II ruled over Kalinga one after the other. The next important ruler of the family was Anantavarman II who did many works of public benefit. He was succeeded by his brother Devendravarman III who patronized a Brahmin poet (the name is not known) who was the son of the door-keeper of his palace. He was succeeded by his son Anantavarman III and after his two of his sons Rajendravarman II and Devendravarman IV became kings one after the other. The next ruler was Satyavarman, son of Devendravarman, who was a war like ruler. After his short rule his brother Anantavarman IV came to the throne. He was popularly called Vajri or Vajrahasta I. The next Ganga king was Maharaja Bhupendravarman. After his two sons Anantavarman V and Devendravarman V ruled one after the other. Anantavarman assumed the epithet Maharajadhiraja and was known as Vajrahasta II.

The rule of the first group of Ganga kings ended with Devendravarman V whose grant is dated in the year 397, i.e. 895 A.D. The account of the second group is known from the copper plate grants of Vajrahasta V.


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