Early History Of Orissa – The Parvatadvarakas

When the Nalas were ruling over Trikalinga region a dynasty named Parvatadvaraka established a kingdom in the region comprising parts of modern Balangir and Kalahandi districts located to the north of the Nala dominion. King Sobhanaraja of this dynasty is known from the Terasinga grant issued from Parvatadvaraka, the capital. The next ruler was Maharaja Tustikara who was a devoted worshipper of Goddess Stambhesvari. The capital Parvatadvaraka has been identified with Asurgarh in Kalahandi district where an archeological excavation was made in 1973 by Dr. N.K. Sahu who brought to light important antiquities including a circular brick structure which was probably the temple of Goddess Stambhesvari. The excavation revelaed that the capital Parvatadvaraka was deserted in the 5 th-6 th century A.D. In fact, the Tarasinga Plates also suggest that the capital of the kingdom was transferred from Parvatadvaraka to Tarabhramaraka identified with modern Talbhramara on the bank of the river Tel. Not much, however, is known about this dynasty.


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